Player                                                                             Week 6 selection

Green = In play     Red = Eliminated

Carr MacDonald
Ashley MacDonald
Andy Malone
Paul Peters
Scott Denholm
Barry Menzies
Steven Lithgow
Robert Close
Cameron Allen
John Dodds
Blair Black
Steven Boyle
Frazer Allen
Stuart Allen
Bobby Napier
John-James Henderson
Alan Bishop
David Nicholson
Gordon Harris
James Drummond
George Bonnar
David Strathearn
Gary Stein
Alan Hamilton
Anne McGinley
Robbie Feeney
Martin Lawrie
Stuart McLeod
Darren Dalrymple
Jack Henderson
Jamie Clark
Andy Colley
Gavin Kirkwood
David Strathie
Jim Clark
Gareth Griffiths
Seamus Crossan
Fraser Jeffrey
David Taylor
Robert Allen
Robert Harris WINNER
Ian Strathearn

***As per the rules of Last Jag Standing, if any player has not selected a team before the entry deadline they will be allocated the team highest placed in the league that is still available to them for selection.